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About the Hall of Fame

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About the Hall of Fame

In 1999, a group of like minded individuals from Saugeen Shores founded a social club they named the Royal Club. The Royal Club had two main objectives. One, to financially assist individuals, groups, or projects from within Saugeen Shores that the members of the Royal Club deemed beneficial to the community, or to groups or individuals bringing recognition to our community.

To that end, the Royal Club donated more than $12,000.oo for various endeavours within our community from 1999 to 2008. The second objective was for the club to initiate, organize, promote and maintain a 'Hall of Fame' to recognize persons and groups from Saugeen Shores who through their endeavours and accomplishments have brought recognition and fame to the community. This 'Hall of Fame' would not be sport specific but would be inclusive of the exploits of any and all from within Saugeen Shores.


to be considered for admission to the Hall of Fame must have been (or be) outstanding in their field of endeavour or to have achieved better than average proficiency in a number of athletic activities even if not reaching the absolute top level in any one.


including officials (referees, umpires, etc.); Sponsors; Executives; Coaches; Group Leaders etc. - whose work for amateur activities over an extended period of time has been outstanding whether it be in organization of leagues, facilities and community events

Following the 2008 celebration, for various reasons, the Royal club disbanded and hence the Saugeen Shores Hall of Fame became dormant. Not wanting the Hall of Fame to become permanently shuttered, various community organizations were approached for support in reviving the Hall. In early January 2013 the board of directors of the Rotary Club of Port Elgin accepted a request to revive and resurrect the Saugeen Shores Hall of Fame. On January 9, 2013 the initial meeting of the new Saugeen Shores Hall of Fame Selection Committee was held with 4 Port Elgin Rotarians and 5 'community' members in attendance. The 2013 Saugeen Shores Hall of Fame induction evening was held on Thursday May 30 with 3 new inductees.

It has since been decided by the Selection Committee that the nomination, selection process and induction ceremony should continue as a bi-annual event. It was also decided the the original nomination, eligibility and selection criteria and process as written by the Royal Club be accepted by the Committee. The Committee also agreed there should be a set of by­ laws in place to determine the composition of the Saugeen Shores Hall of Fame Selection Committee and its executive, directors and duties. The by-laws should also act as guidelines for the Selection Committee.